Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing


Find an eligible contractor

To find eligible contractors in your area, search the contractor listings and then contact selected contractors directly. We recommend requesting bids from multiple contractors. Note that a minimum of three bids are required for property owners participating in upfront technical assistance.

Contractor Listings

Selecting the right SOMAH contractor for your project depends on several variables. Use these guiding questions to help narrow the field:

  • Does the contractor have references and a good reputation within the community?

  • Does the contractor have experience with designing solar projects for multifamily dwellings? If not, ask why they feel confident taking on your project.

  • What is the contractor’s proposed cost/watt (AC)? Evaluate several bids to understand the range of costs.

  • Visit the Better Business Bureau to view complaints or comments about a specific contractor.

Tips for choosing the right contractor

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